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CNC 1KW Laser Cutting Machine

CNC 1KW Laser Cutting Machine with IPG 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

ACCURL IPG 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has Beckhoff TwinCAT Servo System,is a unique machine having ultra low energy consumption and very fast cutting capability with minimum maintenance cost.It also has two dynamic tables allowing continuously production while processing goes on. The operator collects cut parts and loads the next material for processing. Fully automat-ed loading unloading systems.

3. IPG YLS-1 kW Laser power from Germany

General Features:

♦ User friendly FAGOR 8060 CNC control unit.
♦ Unique features:
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed: 160m/min.
Acceleration speed: 25 m/ s2 (2.5G).
Precision: ± 0.05 mm.
Energy efficiency: greatly reduced power consumption.
IPG YLS-1000w Resonator
♦ Advanced PRECITEC cutting head (with air cross blast).
♦ Fully enclosed and cabinned to ensure maximum operator protection.
♦ Effective high to low pressure gas exchange system.
♦ Automatic time and unit cost calculation function.
♦ Network connection from external.
♦ Smoke extraction (included in series models).
♦ Collection of work pieces and trimmings.
♦ Dual proportional valve control system for different gas pressures and special system for high pressure cutting.

Standard Equipment:

FAGOR 8060 CNC Controller
IPG YLS-1000W Ytterbium Laser Resonator
Automatic Double Pallet Changer(Shuttle Table)
Precision Rack & Pinion Drive System (Made in Germany)
Radan or Lantek CAD/CAM system
Light source
3 lower protective lenses
3 Ceramic Nozzle Adapters
Auto-calibrated nozzle system
Lens with 5.9” Focus Length
Smart Slag Collection System/ Chip Conveyor
Fiber Beam Transmission System (Fiber Cable)
Operates with both N2 and O2 (cutting) gases
Home Position Alignment System
Auxiliary Gas Selector
Auto Reflection Warning
Working Lights
5 Nozzles each of the Following: (1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm , 2.5mm , 3.0mm)

6. STOBER Precision Rack and Pinion Drive System (Made in Germany)
2. Germany PRECITEC Laser Cutting Head

Optional Equipments:

Automatic beam centering system.

Linear motor technology

Laser Safety Barrier

Precitec cutting head

Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.



ModelECO-FIBER 3015 / 1KW
CNC Control UnitFAGOR 8060 CNC System
X axis (Rack & Pinion)3000 mm
Y axis (Rack & Pinion)1500 mm
Z axis (Ball Screw)100 mm
Maximum cutting capacityMild steel10 mm
Stainless steel4 mm
Aluminum3 mm
Work piece dimensions1525 x 3050 mm
Rapid traverse (X and Y axis)105 m/min
Acceleration2.5G (25m/s2)
Vector speed148 m/min
Absolute positioning accuracy± 0.08 mm
Repeatability (X and Y axis)± 0.03 mm
Max. load capacity2450 kg
High Performance CNC SystemFAGOR 8060 from Spain Brand
Laser powerIPG YLS-1 kW from Germany
High Performance Servo motor/driveFAGOR from Spain Brand
Laser Cutting HeadPRECITEC from Germany
Motor reducerSTOBER from Germany
7. Linear guide and Rack